I said your name today

But it wasn’t for you

No, it’s never for you

That would imply that we’re ever in the same room

I thought of you every time it left my lips

I felt guilt overwhelm me as it left my lips

Did he feel the sting of your name too?

Did he think of you too?

Do we always think of you?

You should feel proud

You control two lives

How does it feel?

The power

How does it feel?

How does it taste?

Do you feel me say your name?

Like a shot to the chest

Do you feel it?

Do you hear it?

It’s not for you anymore

Maybe it never was

I’m saying it for me now

Your name

The name

It’s so common

You’re not the only one

I’ll say it again

You’re not the only one

I’ll say it again

You’re not the one

You’re an old friend, and some things still remain, but as we go, the more you just become a name” – Watery Brain, Valley

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