San Luis Obispo

April, 2019

This trip to SLO was a bit of a redemption trip. My last time in SLO, was 2017, I had just graduated from college a month prior, and I was in search of the world’s best ice cream, and unfortunately, a little mischief as well. Like a child without a chaperone, I was reckless and messy, and left SLO with memories I didn’t expect. This time around, however, I was set on enjoying every second, and as I entered the city with my husband and my little babe in tow, I was determined that we would all enjoy every second.

I am a creature of habit. Which means that I find my favorite spots, foods, desserts, landmarks, and I stick to them. My husband had never been to SLO, so it was my chance to show him everything, yet everything still consisted of a lot of pointing and explaining, but mostly only entering all of my favorite places. I wanted him to experience the fulness of SLO, but we were on a time crunch, and I wanted him to connect to all the places I connect with so we may connect to them together.

My husband is a huge coffee fan (it’s an addiction, really), and though I am not as big of a promoter of coffee, I think that Scout is the best coffee there is. Though he forces me to go into nearly every specialty coffee shop we can find, Scout shot up to his number one place immediately. If you ever find yourself in the area, please soak in the pleasant and inspiring atmosphere of Scout, all the while tasting the most delicious coffee.

Blueberry Pie

SLO is crawling with ice cream shops galore, but Doc Burnstein’s is my favorite. The flavors the right amount of surprising and different, to typical and something to fall back on. Though I’ve never met an ice cream shop I didn’t like (I actually did, once, but we won’t talk about that), Doc’s has my heart and my taste buds in its palm.

I am not a “beach girl,” I prefer the ocean only if it is also surrounded in a forest atmosphere – which is why SLO is my cup of tea. Montana De Oro is one of the breathtakingly beautiful places I have ever laid eyes on, and that is truly all I have to say about it. It is beautiful, and it is a perfect creation. It is the stuff dreams, film, art, and love are derived from. If you ever have the chance to visit it, please do.

Last but not least, this boy. Traveling with a babe it certainly challenging, but overall sweet G did well. My boy has a habit of not sleeping, and this trip was no different. I cannot be frustrated with him, as sleep has never been a habit of mine either, but a sleepless babe makes for very tired and delusional parents. He gives me the inspiration to live each day as awake and present as I can be though. This picture of us was taken outside of my favorite place to eat in SLO. I had to take him outside because he grew impatient in waiting for our food and he began to fuss. I placed him on top of my shoulders and began dancing with him outside. The result, as you can, was positive. He has been teething for months now but he still makes a point to try and laugh and smile, and enjoy the day as much as he can. I love that about him, it is the best reminder. SLO has been a favorite destination of mine since I was child, and sharing it with him has only enhanced my love for it. Share what you love with those that you love – it’s vulnerable, but it is also every bit worth it.

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