A Letter to my Boy

To You, at this moment:

Hey boy, you are eleven months old, and changing every day. You have turned everything upside down for me, and for the first time in my life, that is the most positive, heartfelt statement. You may not be the first to make me a mother, but you are the first that God decided would make it to this Earth, and I am so happy that you exist.

My dearest one; the amount of love that I have for you is truly astonishing – it is not what I expected, and surely our life together so far is not what I believed we would have endured. I was terrified of you before we met. I did not understand how God would have thought that I was equipped to raise a healthy, kind, thoughtful boy. How was I meant to raise someone that would be beneficial to society when this vision of a male had not been modeled to me? How I was supposed to nurture the nature out of you, without making you something you’re not? Much to my surprise, the first time I held you, and looked into your dark blue eyes that are shaped just like mine, none of it mattered. All of my fears were eliminated, and I knew that you and I would figure this out together. You would teach me what you needed, and I would listen. I would guide you, and you would trust me. I have learned that parenting is a partnership. Even now, with your limited vocabulary and high aptitude for babbling, your opinion matters to me, and I promise to always take it into consideration with every decision I make for you.

You bring out the best in me, but you also, and always, show me the areas that I still need to work on. You are the closest “iron sharpens iron” relationship that I have ever had. You keep me accountable with your sweet spirit, because that is a spirit I never want to break.

Boy, I know that you can move mountains, because it is amazing just how much you have already moved me.

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