B is for Bacteria

No, not the bacteria that lies in waiting to attack your immune system, but the bacteria that infests your soul, your well-being, and your all-around state of being. The bacteria that comes on slowly, and then blindsides you, and leaves you in a disillusionment, and the all-encompassing feelings of bewilderment. Like a sleeper wave, the bacteria of life can send you straight to your ass, when you thought you were standing upright in the strongest form that you had ever stood.

I saw an article about bacteria and it stated, “Find out about the different groups of bacteria, how they reproduce and their survival skills.” This translated as one thing to me – different groups – those with a natural means to bacterium, because everyone has baggage, and those that carry bacteria that cause diseases, and seek out to destroy. How they reproduce? By our allowance, our naivety, our belief that “it won’t happen to me.” Our faulty belief that we are the outlier; that we are the exception. Their survival skills? Charm, wit, knowledge of our weaknesses and our strengths, and overall; the pursuance, and idea, and quite possibly, the lie of love.  Perhaps, I am bitter and cynical simply because of recent occurrences, and my revelations as of late toward the events in my life. I am aware that just like actual bacteria, not all bacterium type people cause diseases; some bacterium type people exist in your life to boost your “immune system,” but come with similar risks and drawbacks as we all do.

For the past five years, I have ill-advisedly focused on, and poured out an unreasonable amount of love, into what I believed was mine. I believed it was meant for me, it was good for me, and it would always be my point of comfort that I could function from. “This was love,” I believed. It’s not that love does not exist, it’s that sometimes, ignoring the red flags, and writing off mistakes, can create a world that is really just a heap of trouble. Love can actually be lust, and lust can in turn be a game of cat and mouse; always in search of the next game, or the next high.

All is not fair in love and war, because if we cared more about our well-being we would not allow for the grey areas, where the rules are blurred, to attack us, and hurt us as we do. All is not fair in love; we just merely lower our standards to make it so. During the common sickness seasons, we gear up for it – we ensure that we will not get sick, and if we do, we do what we can to get rid of it. Yet what about the sicknesses of life? Why do we allow it to fester, to worsen, to grow and spread? If not properly treated, there is the potential that bacteria will remain, or even worse, come back.

This is merely a tale of caution to Lysol your lives.

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